Cure and Conversion


October 10, 2010: 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time The trust required to undergo the treatment for a physical disease is a good analogy for the trust in God required to be cured of the spiritual disease of sin. Cure and conversion go hand-in-hand. The connection between the two was the subject of our readings this past Sunday. You want me to what?! In the first reading, Naaman seeks to be cured of his leprosy.  The powerful Aramean army commander is instructed to present himself to the prophet … [Read more...]

The Demanding Work of Discipleship

The Measure of Love

October 3, 2010: 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time We are inundated with offenses against human dignity on a daily basis: abortion, poverty, violence, embryonic stem cell research, pornography, euthanasia, etc. How do we deal with all this? That very issue was the subject of our readings this past Sunday. God, do something already! In the first reading, Habakkuk fears the rising political power of the Babylonians as his native Judah descends into its own sins. He cries out to God for some … [Read more...]