7 Catholic Blogs You Should Read (Seven Quick Takes, Vol. 1)

Why do we love Catholic blogs? Largely because maintaining one is a lot of work! When you find a good one, you know the person running it is dedicated and passionate about their mission. Each person is trying to use their knowledge, experiences, and perspective to communicate the truth and lead others closer to Jesus, one post at a time. We present, in alphabetical order, seven Catholic blogs you should resolve to read in the New Year.

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    KACB 96.9 FM Aggie Catholic Broadcasting

    Aggie Catholics: Many Catholics fall away from the Church during college, often because they have questions about the faith but get the wrong answers or none at all. St. Mary’s Catholic Center is working to keep that from happening at Texas A&M with a radio station, online daily homilies, and much more. The blog is run by Assistant Director of Campus Ministry (and noted Catholic author/speaker) Marcel LeJeune and campus minister Sarah Hayes. Especially praiseworthy among the site’s features is the Catholic Q&A.

  2. The Badger Catholic: I admit a bit of regional bias. Matt Korger is a Wisconsin native (like me) who covers Catholic issues in Wisconsin and surrounding areas in a blunt, straightforward style. He started blogging to follow the local Church closer and get a better understanding of what it really means to be a “Sconnie” Catholic. All Catholics are members of the same Church, but each region or state has its own Catholic family history, so to speak. Bucky’s is told by Matt at The Badger Catholic.
  3. Prof. Ian Wilmut & Dolly

    Prof. Ian Wilmut & Dolly

    Mary Meets Dolly: Years ago, Rebecca Taylor, a clinical lab specialist in molecular biology, had a conversation with an elderly man at a family party about stem cells and cloning. Stunned by the depth of her knowledge, he challenged her to do something with it. Mary represents the teachings of the Catholic Church on the sanctity of human life; Dolly the sheep represents the world of biological science. Rebecca writes about new developments in genetics and biotechnology and the ethics surrounding them from a Catholic perspective. She has been interviewed on EWTN radio on topics from stem cell research and cloning to voting pro-life.

  4. Mobile Catholics: Did you get an iPad or Kindle for Christmas? Have an Android, iPhone, or BlackBerry? If not, chances are you will own some sort or mobile Internet device soon. The market for Catholic apps is growing and will continue to grow. Mobile Catholics (a.k.a. Catholic Apps News) is totally focused on the dedicated mobile Catholic who wants to keep current with information on Catholic applications for mobile devices.
  5. John Ulsh

    John Ulsh

    My Recovery + My Motivation: Three years ago, John Ulsh was given less than a 3% chance to survive a head-on car crash in which his whole family was involved. John’s long recovery, including a year in hospitals, nursing homes, and rehab, will be featured in Men’s Fitness this March. John blogs about the physical and mental challenges of his family’s recovery, how he found the motivation to keep pushing, and the role redemptive suffering plays in their family life. He now does speaking engagements and is writing a book in an effort to help others who are struggling to find peace.  His blog is new but well worth following in 2011.

  6. Snoring Scholar: You may know Sarah Reinhard as a talented writer for Catholic Exchange, CatholicMom.com, and Faith & Family Live! or from her podcasting endeavors. Above all, she is a Catholic wife and mom seeking to find faith in the midst of everyday life. Snoring Scholar is an assortment of reflections on faith, family, books, and other things Catholic. Pour a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and see what Sarah has to say today.
  7. Startling the DayElizabeth Hillgrove writes from the perspective of a young, on-fire, cradle Catholic. Her blog posts often address lay apologetics related to daily life and finding spirituality through art, traveling, and teaching religious education and Theology of the Body classes at her parish. She describes her style as chippy with a taste of seriousness. Regarding her non-religious friends, Liz says, “I use the blog as a way to try to reach them without compromising my Catholic message. I hope they find my posts interesting enough to explore more about the faith.”

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