1. I love that image the hook! And the question, what are we hooked up to? I think that’s so right. We can’t really pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps in the spiritual life. We need something from outside of this mess to hold on to or someone to reach down and pull us up.

    You know, this reminded me of the image for Hope, as in the virtue of hope. It’s an anchor. Hope is the desire for heaven and the trust that God’s grace will be able to overcome all earthly obstacles to get you there. Hope sort of anchors our faith in the eternal. The anchor of Hope is in heaven and the rope attached to the anchor extends down for us to hang on to. I like that image.

    Thanks for the great post Charlotte!

  2. I needed that today. Thanks, Lisa!

    Also, is your couples’ date night a specific program through your parish? Or something you started with friends? Sounds awesome!!

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