The Purpose of A Journey is its Destination

It’s the journey, not the destination.

Our society loves to churn out bumper sticker philosophies, doesn’t it? Someone coins a phrase, someone screens a t-shirt; and bing, bang, boom a life philosophy is born. I’ll admit that at first blush, that phrase has a certain existential charm, an overall “groovy” feel to it. In my 20’s, that type of thinking dovetailed nicely with my other guiding philosophies – party like it’s 1999 and it’s all good!

At some point along my aimless journey, God, infinite in patience and mercy, revealed to me that my philosophies needed tweaking. For instance, a journey without a destination is oxymoronic. The whole purpose of a journey is its destination.

Earlier in the month we celebrated the Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord and we read about one of the greatest journeys of all times in Matthew 2: 1-12. The Magi weren’t aimless, they were purposeful in their destination. They were on their way to Jesus. Traveling through exotic places, meeting a person of power such as Herod, all the lures of the world eluded them because their eyes were focused on the light of the star. The whole point of their journey was their destination, and so it must be for us as Catholics.

Each day we choose our steps. Do they take us closer to or farther away from God?

So, yes enjoy the journey. Life is a gift, and God longs for our joy, but ultimately he longs for us to arrive at our destination where we spend all of eternity in the light of his love.  As Catholics we recognize that the journey of our lives begins and ends with God. He is our destination, our star shining bright.

Heavenly Father, be with us as we make our way to you.

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    Dear Kasey:

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  2. CC says

    I appreciate this article because my boyfriend gave me a necklace that said this on it, and it didn’t sit right with me. Thank you for clarifying this for me and helping me make the right decisions. God Bless!

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