1. Wow, sounds amazing! There are truly some amazing women saints in the history of the Church. Strong, compassionate women that accomplished so much. They are fantastic role models and companions as well.

    “Do I really ask for specific intercessions from the saints as Benedict encourages? Have I been inviting special intercessors to walk beside me along my journey? Am I as familiar with my patron as I could be?”

    These are very good questions! I have to ponder them some myself. I think I’m guilty of the same thing.

    Thanks for the post!

    • Thanks for reading Marc! I appreciate your comments!

      Did you get a lot of snow? We got some yesterday and are preparing for round two with a 5-8 more inches between today and tomorrow. I think much of the central to eastern portion of the country will be taking it slow today!

  2. […] Des Moines friends, don’t forget about the 2011 Holy Women of the Church Novena on Sundays now through March 6 at Saint Joseph Catholic Church. The series continues this Sunday beginning at 3:30 p.m when Bishop Pates will lead the prayer services and provide a reflection on Saint Teresa of Avila. Read more anout the Holy Women of the Church Novena here. […]

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