Seven Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 6)

Best Place To Raise a Family

~ 1 ~ Several years ago I attempted to vote early at a satellite voting location, and I was surprised at how easy it was to receive a ballot simply by stating my name. I asked the poll worker if she needed to see my ID, and she rather quickly dismissed my offer. My quick […]

To Hell With It!

Flannery Quote on Cup 1

You never know what to expect when a visiting priest arrives at your parish with a handful of spiritual talks prepared, folded in his back pocket, and ready to present in a four-night long parish mission. So I am quite happy to report the recent mission at my home parish, Saint Francis of Assisi, was […]

Life Isn’t Fair


We’ve all told someone at sometime: “Life isn’t fair.” And then when adversity strikes in our own life, that’s exactly what we seek — fairness. Why is it that we want and seek fairness for ourselves, yet when our children, a friend or family member complains to us that “life isn’t fair” it is easy […]

My Favorite Backyardigan

My Favorite Backyardigan

A radiant red cardinal has been hanging out in our backyard for several weeks now. I’ve seen him; he’s fat and beautiful—sometimes he is perched atop our Bradford Pear tree. Other days he’s hopping along our fence, one picket at a time. One morning we almost achieved eye contact when he landed on our deck […]

Seven Quick Takes Friday (vol. 4)

7 Quick Takes

~1~ We are staring down a busy weekend at Das Schmidt Haus.First up is another deacon formation weekend at Conception Seminary that may shape up to be a defining moment for Joel’s continued diaconate discernment. Last month he was given a large assignment: to develop a ministry for a group of people in need. After […]

The St. Francis Mission Among the Lakota

St. Francis Mission

Ministry Spotlight Editor’s Note: A couple weeks ago we were introduced to Corrie with the St. Francis Mission in St. Francis, South Dakota. My curiosity about the Mission was initially perked because our parish’s youth group spent a week volunteering in this area last summer, and after taking some time to explore their website, blog, and […]