1. My mom’s favorite bird was the robin. I’ll go out for a walk or a hike around a lake, and often see a robin looking at me as I come near. Coincidence? Silly? Some may think so. All you robins… all you cardinals, Bless the Lord.

  2. I completely understand the difficultly in trying to put to words something that is made up of so many different emotions. I have struggled with the same problem in writing my book. Words don’t exist to express what I can only explain as something I felt in my heart and my soul. I can’t explain why I was able to have the remarkable recovery that I have had, other then to say that it was something inside droving me. God is often directing us where to go. When we listen to what our heart is telling us and what we know is right, it is God working through us. You might never truly feel like you can organize your thoughts into words as well as you would like. I look forward to reading what you write. I am guessing through that I will understand it best when we sit across a table from each other face to face.

  3. Maybe come at the post from your daughter’s perspective? It might help to organize your thoughts if you look at it through the eyes for whom you might have done it.

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