1. Kelly S

    Really enjoyed reading your post this morning! I think I would have enjoyed listening to Father Hoye, and I know that line from him and Flannery O’Connor will stick with me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. AMEN! I’m with you, you shouldn’t be worried about offending them when you’re speaking the Truth. They may not believe it, but the quote would get them thinking. Why bother drinking the tiny cup of grape juice and the piece of saltine cracker (yes, I’ve seen this) when you think it is just a symbol?

    I see where some would not want to offend and how flat-out telling them their symbol is a waste of energy would offend, but how are we supposed to balance evangelizing with those kinds of worries? As long as we’re reverent and respectful, we should evangelize always.

    Great post, Lisa!

  3. I’m with you, Lisa, in giving the priest a standing ovation. I think too often, we’ve become complacent, and rote in our Catholic lives. Fr Riccardo gives a good point on some of the dangers of being Catholic …. in other words, we do the same thing, day after day, Mass after Mass, so it’s so easy for us to simply recite our responses, and not LIVE our faith.

    And, I think your idea was brilliant! (wink!)

  4. When will we, as Catholics, stop being so damned concerned about Protestants being offended about Catholic practices or statements? Guess what? The hard-core Protestants are offended, period, just at the fact that people remain (and convert) Catholics. Are they just as concerned as offending Catholics in their ‘services’? Yeah right.

    BTW, I don’t think I’ve been to your blog before, but I’ll be back. I think you’ll like the name of my blog: …the hell with it. ;-)

  5. I was about to get the mug, but it has a punctuation error!! There is no question mark after “What would FLANNERY say.” ay yi yi….

  6. Martha

    I am so sad reading this thread. Last night I spent much of my hospital chaplaincy shift trying to find a priest for two families with actively dying parents. My Protestant colleagues were trying to do the same, and they find strength elsewhere at a time of grief. A grieving Catholic lectured me on my inability to grasp the importance of “Last Rites.” (She did not realize I an Catholic.) I am offended by this column, and it gives me pause to explore why I am offended, why I am closing my heart. I don’t think those objecting parishioners were worried about offending Protestant friends: they were offended. They perceived they were being judged. I’m not feeling the Real Presence of Christ right now while reading these comments, and I’d like to feel more welcome by my “people”–Catholics. I believe the Eucharist is a mystery. I believe in mystery. I cannot explain it, define it, enclose it in doctrine. I am just so sad.

  7. Martha

    PS Note O’Connor tells us where she was: a the home of intellectuals where she felt lesser-than. She thought they thought they had all the answers. Read a few of her stories for help with alternative interpretations of this anecdote…on coffee mugs! What would she think?

  8. Paul A Whelan

    Love the quote from Flannery O’conner. Bishop Barron just did a video on this today which led me to google and this article. Good read. I don’t feel that a flyer stating “if it’s a symbol, to hell with it” on a car windshield (with some other explanation included of course) should offend anyone. The statement is about the faithful Catholic’s belief and attitude about the Eucharist, not what we think anyone else should believe. I recall a convert (can’t recall who) who before he converted had stated something like “if i believed what you Catholics believe about the Eucharist, I would crawl up the to the altar on my hands and knees”. That is worth thinking about every time we approach God Almighty fully present in the Eucharist.

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