1. “The disease had no control over her faith or God’s grace. Her faith became enormous, inspiring, and contagious.”

    What a tribute to your sister-in-law! We started today with mass at the monastery, and Fr. Joe Gillespie delivered a homily rooted in remembrances. This blog feels an echoing of Father’s invitation to us all. Thank you. I also really appreciate your incorporation of St. Catherine of Siena’s words, alongside Chris Rice’s “Go Light Your World.” (It’s a favorite song of mine that inspired a fellow Visitation Companion to produce an event by the same name, that won a regional Emmy and featured former students of mine.) Hmmmm….
    Lights! World! Lent!
    Journey on!

    Peace, Prayers, and as our Visitation Co-founders say, “LIVE + JESUS!”
    Melissa Borgmann-Kiemde
    Visitation Companion

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