1. What a lovely and powerful testimony. My the Holy Spirit set us… each of us on fire and may Christ renew His parish in each and every town and city. Blessings. dt

  2. angie strain

    Bear I absoluelt loved yr story thank u sooo much for sharing. We need to catcch up soon am really growing n my faith love u angie

  3. Alix

    I just went through discernment tonight with my team. I was inspired by your story and pray that I too will feel His hand on my back when I give my witness. I was thinking I was going to be discerned to Eucharist, but instead it was Renewal. That’s what drew me to this website. If it’s still an active website, let me know.

  4. M. Ramsdale

    Would someone please give me the discernment choices. Eucharist, Renewal, Community. I’m ready to choose and don’t know the choices??

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