Beatification Update #1

The crowd in Via della Conciliaziona at 2:00 AM.

2:00 a.m. - Sitting outside Saint Peter's Square with, oh, probably at least a million others waiting for the beatification Mass for Pope John Paul. The crowd, comprised of people all over the world, is energized and eager. We are blessed to be here, witnessing this moment in history. More updates to come as events progress. The crowd in Via della Conciliaziona where we lined up at 2:00 AM, with St. Peter's Square far in the distance.   … [Read more...]

The Practicing Catholic is Going on Pilgrimage!

Greece & Turkey with The Catholic Guy Show

Last summer, we were selected for the Greece & Turkey pilgrimage with Lino Rulli and The Catholic Guy Show! However, when the Beatification of Pope John Paul II was announced, our travel coordinator The Catholic Traveler did some fast rearranging to include it in our itinerary. Tune in Friday, April 29 when Lino will be broadcasting the show live from the Vatican. Also, join The Catholic Channel on Sunday, May 1 for coverage of the Beatification of Pope John Paul II. Starting at 4:00 AM ET, … [Read more...]

Love is Greater than Fear

The Empty Tomb

And they waited. And we waited. And we are rewarded. We are rewarded by a love that conquers our fears, a love that achieves our hopes, a love given to us by His grace because we believe. And all because one man, Jesus, had a love for us greater than the fear of suffering; a love greater than the fear of torture and humiliation; a love greater than the fear of death. Our patience was/is much less than the patience of Christ’s followers. We know what we are waiting for, Christ’s … [Read more...]

Real Hope for Life

Baby Holding Daddy's Finger

Informed Choices Medical Clinic is coming to the Des Moines area! This is huge for the pro-life cause for a number of reasons. Iowa has been under siege in the fight for life lately. Planned Parenthood has been perfecting its telemed abortion scheme in Iowa whereby abortion drugs are administered remotely via a push-button mechanism. No doctor is present when the drawer opens and pills appear for the mother to take, or later when the drugs go into effect on the mother and she delivers her … [Read more...]

Pope John Paul II & His Good Friday Image


  "John Paul II . . . on Good Friday before his death, carried the cross in his hands. The cross. We no longer saw the face of Wojtyla which we saw for many years. We saw only from behind -- the image of him and the cross in his hands, because he was a man who really clung to the cross, saying, 'This is the road that will make you free,'" Monsignor Jaroslaw Ceilecki, Director of Vatican News Service, as quoted in the movie Nine Days That Changed the World (a must see as our Church and … [Read more...]

To Find Hope


In every “I wish” statement there is hope. And we hope for so much. We hope that we, our children and our family members will be healthy and happy. We hope to find true love. We hope for comfort and peace. We hope for everything that we believe and know in our hearts, in our purest inner being, to be good and right. Think about the people you know who seem to be the most positive about their outlook on life, who’s cup is always ½ full rather than ½ empty, and ask them where they find their … [Read more...]

A Palm Sunday Perspective

Did you hear groaning about the length of the Mass yesterday? Did your kids who-are-old-enough-to-know-better act up during Mass? Were you possibly tiring of the extra standing or kneeling? This amazing video puts things back into proper perspective. Copies can also be purchased directly from Spirit Juice Studios; behind-the-scenes making of the Palm Sunday video is also available on their website. … [Read more...]

Family Movie Night Returns to FOX this Saturday

Truth Be Told

Calling all families! Truth Be Told, the newest P&G and Wal-Mart family movie night collaboration premieres April 16th at 8/7c on FOX. We will be watching, will you? Get involved and show your support for good, wholesome TV programs! Ratings matter and so does the family of faith - let’s send a message that we want contemporary wholesome programs to watch on television! Be a part of the nationwide movement with other families who want good TV. Visit Moms 4 Family TV to let your voice be … [Read more...]

Why Am I In This Place?

Image from The Grace Card

  Image from The Grace Card © 2011 Graceworks PicturesWe all ask “Why?” — Why me? Why now? Why here? It seems to be the question to ask when we don’t like something that has happened to us, when we are in an uncomfortable place or in an unhappy circumstance.   Twice this weekend I have heard the why question answered, each time from the same contrary perspective. From the perspective that I am not supposed to figure out “why?” but rather I am to figure out “what?” What am I supposed to … [Read more...]