1. Carolyn

    Saw this via Badger Catholic and was pumped – I grew up in that neighborhood and even though I wasn’t Catholic, I had a particular fondness for this shrine.

    If you’re back in that area, I also discovered (after coming to college and meeting some Chileans) that there’s a Schoenstatt Shrine tucked in behind what is now called St. Vincent Pallotti on Bluemound just east of Hawley Rd.

    The shrines have an interesting history dating back to pre-WWI Germany in a tiny little town outside of Koblenz, Germany (western region near to Cologne). They’re all identical so no matter where you go in the world you’ll always see the unifying Blessed Sacrament in the unifying architecture modeled after the original shrine in Schoenstatt, Germany.

    The sisters keep it open quite frequently (anytime I’ve ever stopped by when I’m in MKE I’ve always been able to get in, unlike some other churches) and it’s a nice little place to pray in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

    God bless!

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