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The Pill = The Problem

The Problem

In our continuing focus on Natural Family Planning Awareness week, I would like to highlight the good work of our friend Kristan Doerfler who writes The Emmaus Road blog, the Catholic voice on (hosted by the Houston Chronicle). As one might imagine, she has a broad, diverse readership that can result in a litany of less-than-charitable comments. Yet, she always responds thoughtfully, rationally, and sometimes humorously, striving to moderate productive discussion.

Further, Kristan doesn’t avoid the more “controversial” issues. This week, her Why the Pill is a Problem post expectedly has generated lots of comments, most of which are rather negative and decidedly anti-NFP. I urge you to head over there and give her some support in the comment box and show the “contraceptors” some truth, charity, reason, and intellect.

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