1. My favorite part?

    “The head writer, editor in cheif, graphic designer, web programmer are all dirty sinners.”

    So are the people voting for you or NOT voting for you…

    The great thing about this blog is that you remind us that while we may be dirty sinners, we have been washed in the Word and by God’s lavish grace.

    Personally, whether you win or not, I think being nominated is just one more of those signs of encouragement that when you stepped out in faith last year, you went in the right direction. I think those reminders are huge blessings.

    • Thanks, Jessica! I’m not sure if people are voting for us or not?! We report, you decide! (Darn, should have used that phrase in the post!)

      Thank you for your support and stopping by often. You are still welcome to write your conversion story (or other topics as you feel called) for us any day! :)

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