• Sarah

        Thanks! Yeah I am so frustrated with the University as a whole … and with the football team. It’s definitely bad to show this on national television, but I can’t say I’m surprised at the behavior. That’s how desensitized I’ve become thanks to our culture. I pray often for the University of Notre Dame, its leaders and the student body as it does embody so much that is Catholic, but it is so heartbreaking to see the disconnect in some of its choices. There is so so so much that is good and holy on campus, but unfortunately, it’s been overshadowed by a some bad decision-making in recent years – people who didn’t attend school there don’t see all the Catholic acts that occur daily on campus. I used to attend daily Mass and stop by the Grotto everyday as a student … just as many students do. But no one talks about how campus ministry retreats fill up in no time, that everyone goes to Mass, and that there is a great (and deep) respect for the Catholic faith on campus. Maybe one day it will be noticed by outsiders.

  1. Donal Mahoney

    The Cursing Coach at Notre Dame is truly small potatoes. Not too worry.

    The president of Notre Dame, on the other hand, brought a pro-choice President of the United States to campus and bestowed an award on him for reasons that escape many alumni and former fans of Notre Dame. Now that’s a sacrilege. Notre Dame hasn’t defeated Navy since, never mind South Florida.

    Yet the Notre Dame president is still in office. At least Father Corapi’s failings are sins of the flesh. Inviting Obama to campus was a failing of the intellect, much more serious in the minds of some.

  2. This is in response to your friend Sarah’s last comment.

    The “Catholic-ness” is noticed by outsiders! Last year, one of my fellow classmates in RCIA travelled to Notre Dame one weekend. He visited the Grotto and for the possibly the first time felt the overwhelming energy and presence of the Holy Spirit. :)
    Of course, he was open to an experience.
    Maybe one day the outsiders will be open, too…

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