1. Joel,
    Well done. We cannot do enough education on the false hope that embryonic stem cell research provides. Embryonic stem cell research has provided ZERO cures, while adult stem cell research has provided MANY cures and treatments. Adult stem research which is morally licit and therefore supported by the Catholic Church.

  2. Thanks for writing, Joel! How I wish more people understood. When I was in college at UW-Madison, we would pray at the Planned Parenthood ever so often. I will never forget seeing the UPS guy walk out of PP with a cooler and drive to UW Hospital and drop off the cooler. We could only conclude aborted baby parts were in the cooler.

  3. Tom Maly

    Another great piece of writing Joel.
    The “survey” is decidedly in favor of using fetal stem cells! ;o(
    As this whole thing is computer driven, i surmise that many Many people (especially we “oldsters”) are not involved.
    Keep up the superb work, you two!

    • Thanks! BTW, did you notice how the poll is crafted? If you vote in favor of the ban, you are necessarily voting for it on purely moral grounds: “Yes. The use of fetal tissue is unethical or immoral.” Yet, the article doesn’t even discuss the moral implications, never mind it’s mischaracterization of the science. All that notwithstanding, placing a poll in an editorial piece necessarily skews the results toward the editors’ view, anyway. It’s still unbelievable to me that all this actually passes for journalism nowadays.

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