1. I have awlays celebrated my birthday in the church. Im thankful for all the blessings I have right now and I my birthday is near I will celebrate it again in the church.

  2. I looked mine up after a priest said in a homily that among your patron saints are those whose feast day falls on your Baptismal anniversary. I was super stoked to see Blessed Mother Teresa on the calendar for my date!

  3. Your recommendation is indeed…it is surely a very meaningful Catholic practice for it strongly reinforces our dignity as a child of God, foremost we are all called to know, love and serve God and what a better way to be thankful and praise our creator, dear Father God, for giving us the gift of life and welcoming us into His household which is to specially remember our baptismal day! I would recommend this yearly practice too, to Catholic friends! Also, for keepsake, you may find this site very handy for options too: on Gift-Giving

    Stay blessed and God’s blessings and peace be with you, too!

  4. […] January 7, 2016   Baptism  Do you celebrate your baptismal anniversary? If you don’t, you are certainly not alone. While I have a copy of my baptismal certificate safely tucked away with other important papers, without looking at it, I can only remember my baptism occurred sometime during the month of August, 1976. Given I don’t even remember the exact date, it’s a little hard to make an annual celebration out of it.   But baptism is THE event that establishes our beginning of life in Christ, so remembering it annually as we do for birthdays, wedding anniversaries and the like makes perfect sense. As the Catechism states: “Holy baptism is the basis of the whole Christian life, the gateway to life in the Spirit” (No. 1213). “Thus the whole organism of the Christian’s supernatural life has its roots in baptism” (No. 1266).   Read more at The Practicing Catholic. […]

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