A Tomato and God’s Wild Imagination

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For each of us, there is a way of being that is as natural and deeply congruent as the life of a . . . tomato? Given no two tomatoes are alike, absolutely. Cut one open and you’ll never find its match – it doesn’t exist.

Isn’t God’s imagination wild?

So why do humans, sittin’ atop the food chain, work so hard to be alike?

“Body and soul contain thousands of possibilities out of which you can build many identities. But in only one of these will you find your true self that has been hidden in Christ from all eternity,” (Benner, 14).

Thoughts for today are inspired by a course I am currently taking in Clinical Pastoral Orientation facilitated by Deacon Marty Smith, St. Margaret Mary Parish in Omaha, Nebraska and Rev. Tom Backer, Pastoral Care Manager at The Nebraska Medical Center. One of the books for the course is The Gift of Being Yourself by David G. Benner.

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