1. Lisa, thank you for this post!
    I really like Joel’s comment that we don’t choose our hair shirt. No, we don’t – because if we had a choice, we would never choose the hair shirt. (at least I wouldn’t)
    Again, thank you. Words of truth & life!

  2. I like that analogy that a certain people are like a hair shirts because they’re so annoying. That is a perfect way of looking at it. Yes, I definitely have my own hair shirts. And often they don’t go away until you identify those broken or wounded parts of your personality that are getting grated by them. You have to allow God’s healing to come in and work on those inconsistencies in your personality. Even then they often don’t go away, but guess what? They don’t bother you any more. That’s when you know you’re making progress in the spiritual life.

    Thanks for the post!

  3. I would rather wear the hair shirt than deal with these people and problems, but that doesn’t seem to be God’s plan. I am dealing with two siblings who are involved in drugs, and the stress, worry, and ANGER I have towards them is bringing out the worst in me. Like you mentioned, I need to find ways to draw boundaries, while still affirming their dignity (instead of yelling and insulting them, while they do the same to me) and push them to get help.

  4. Andrew

    One of the saints/fathers (maybe in the Psalms; my brain isn’t function well this late at night) wrote that if we accept good from God, then why not accept the evil? In the end it’s meant for us to draw closer to Him. I just pray that I’m somehow not someone else’s hair shirt!

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