1. Karey M.

    Lisa, I’m late commenting on this, but have you read “A Danger to the State” by Philip Trower? It is a historical novel concerning Spanish Jesuits, I found it very educational. My daughter chose Ignatius as her confirmation name.

  2. Ok, you’ve settled it!

    We’ve been arguing over what our son’s middle name will be (he’s due in June)

    My husband wants: John Paul Isidore Isaac
    I want: John Paul Isidore Ignatius

    I think I’ve won, right?

    • Not sure I want to get in the middle of THAT debate, but I sure do like Ignatius. Plus, his feast day, July 31 is the same day as my Dad’s birthday who passed away 3 years ago. Dad was a terrific human being. I would go with Ignatius! ;)

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