Out of the Mouths of Babes: In Celebration of Catholic Schools Week

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January 29 -  February 3 is Catholic Schools Week This is one week each year that students, staff, and parents celebrate the gift of a Catholic education. Make no mistake; it is a gift. I spend my days as a first grade teacher at a Catholic school in Des Moines, Iowa. My first graders are like first graders anywhere. They are learning to read and write; add and subtract. They tattle on each other, talk without raising their hands, laugh at silly stories, and cry when someone hurts their … [Read more...]

The Evolution of Jude Schmidt


We are elated to announce the arrival of Jude Leonard Schmidt, born at 10:56 a.m. on Friday, January 27, 2012. He weighed in at 10 pounds, 7.7 ounces, measuring 21 3/4 inches long --- a big boy! Hey Jude! No, he's not named after the popular Beatles tune. His namesake is Saint Jude, also known as Jude Thaddaeus, a brother of Saint James the Lesser, a relative of Jesus, and one of the twelve apostles. St. Jude's feast day is October 28 and he is the patron of desperate cases --- perhaps … [Read more...]

Headed to the Hospital: Prayers, Please

Schmidt Family, Fall 2010

In a few hours I will be in surgery undergoing a Caesarian section to deliver another Baby Schmidt. Our family of three will soon become a party of four. Yesterday I took our three-year-old Lucy out for a special lunch, just the two of us enjoying a mommy-daughter date. There was a family of five sitting near us with three young children, probably all under the age of four. The kids were, well, being kids --- hopping up and around, fussing about the food, picking at each other. All normal … [Read more...]

Wednesday Round-Up

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Some news items and blog posts worthy of attention . . . Frank, St. Frank January 24 marks the feast day of St. Francis de Sales, a Doctor of the Church and the patron of writers and journalists. Joel has been on a spiritual journey with Francis de Sales over the last year, working his way through the highly recommended book Introduction to the Devout Life with his spiritual advisor. I’m eager to get my hands on it when he’s done! In the meantime, I thoroughly enjoyed Pat Gohn’s … [Read more...]

Building a Pro-Life Culture in Honor of the Millions Never Born

The Child Who Was Never Born

On the 39th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, in remembrance of the 51 million children lost to abortion . . . "Along with the work of advocacy, and the importance of our vote, in the struggle to secure the rights of the unborn I urge us all to embrace the truth of what it means to be human in our own lives.  Never forget, we have been made by love, for love. In your families --- strive for compassion and for mercy.  In your neighborhoods --- look for ways in which you can reach out to the most … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes — The No Baby News Edition


--- 1 --- I was hoping to introduce you to the newest member of Das Schmidt Haus today. That's not going to happen as Babe is still resting comfortably in my womb. I have another ultrasound today given doctor is monitoring baby's weight (all indicators point toward B-I-G). We appreciate all the ongoing prayers for a safe delivery and healthy baby. In the meantime, a friend recently sent me these prayers for women approaching labor, and they have brought me peace and comfort.   ** Ultrasound … [Read more...]

Living Out the March For Life

Choose Life

Dave Anson has an interesting story. Ordinary guy, who happened to be raised without a firm faith foundation. He served in Vietnam, experiencing, as did many of the very young men who served there, a lot of terrible things. Anson worked hard at bringing himself to a good place in his life after a less than perfect time as a young man. His journey led him to wonder about the truth of God. So as he sat at a computer one day, Anson, who’d been attending Baptist services, did an Internet search … [Read more...]

I’ll Trade You Father Paul for Archbishop Listecki

Source: The Catholic Herald

New trading cards promote Catholic religious vocations Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki is among a handful of Catholic religious leaders featured on a new deck of trading cards circulating around Milwaukee. The initiative launched last week is meant to drum up interest in religious vocations. Distribution of the cards began after Mass at two diocesan parishes on Sunday, January 8, to coincide with National Vocations Awareness Week. A new card will be distributed after Mass every other … [Read more...]

Prayers for Women Approaching Labor


For acceptance of the discomforts of pregnancy: Lord Jesus Christ, your Mother, Mary, gave herself in order to bring you into a suffering world. Your own sacrifice proves that suffering can be made holy. In my womb is a sign of great hope. I joyfully accept my discomforts, Lord, for the sake of that hope. I offer them to the Father in your name. Amen. Mother Mary, pray for me. Amen. During late pregnancy: Dear Father in heaven, I love my baby, and I look forward to his/her happy birthday. … [Read more...]