1. Thanks for these! Do you know if that is the same Dr. Tom Neal who spent some time in Tallahassee, Florida on his Ph.D.? If so, my husband went through RCIA under his leadership and loved learning from Tom.

    • Yes, Melaine. That’s THE Tom! :) He and his family moved here a few years ago from Florida. We are so fortunate to have him here in our diocese. He is providing great leadership at the SJEC and he brings in rock star speakers, too! (Mike Aquilina in a few weeks.) I bet your husband has been so blessed by his instruction! My husband was fortunate to have fantastic RCIA instruction as well. I have heard others haven’t had such positive experiences.

      • I can’t even tell you what a small world moment I am having. When I was in college, before I knew anything about the Neals being Catholic, I watched their children at the gym nursery where I worked. Then, when my daughter started Catholic school, there were the Neals again. Then, I met my husband who had a relationship with Tom through RCIA. We went to a few lunch hour theology sessions with Tom before he moved. Tom is gifted and my husband was very blessed by his brief friendship with Tom. It is unfortunate that some RCIA programs are lacking great leadership because the people who are attending are very open and curious about the faith. So happy to hear the Neals are doing well! Thanks again for the great links!

  2. Dianna

    I love this list, and love that I’m already following two …. I heard Randy on a podcast and just fit his book on Friday. I forget how I ran across Whitney, but she is a Rock star!

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