• You are quite welcome – my pleasure to share here. That post was quite insightful yet very practical! Looking forward to our chat very soon!

      And thanks from the bottom of my heart for adding my prayer intention to your prayers!

  1. Our CFL bulbs also seem to burn out faster… and the complications with how to properly dispose of them complicates matters further!

    Will pray for your special intention… will you pray for mine?

    Thanks, Bridget

    • Thanks, Bridget. I’m glad I’m not alone with my CFL confusion. :)

      Thanks for praying for my special intention. Please know I have added yours to my daily prayer list, too. God bless!

  2. About the CFLs…

    I was a fan from the time my grandparents finally gave in to using one, and it lasted what felt like forever.

    However… I don’t know the technical issues involved (and asking my electrician grandfather will result in a launch into his reasons why this environmental stuff is a load of manuer, and he should be free to put everything into one trash can and for me to stop separating the recyclables everytime I pass thru the kitchen…) But recently we replaced the fixtures in my grandma’s bathroom and found that not only were the CFLs going out rather quickly in that room, but that they were lucky to last a week when put into the fixtures.

    Eventually, on a hunch, I tried regular incandescents and they’ve lasted us. Any other light fixture in the house and CFLs will last a while. Maybe not seven years (as my grandparents leave most of the lights on 22 hours a day), but a while anyhow.

    …though we are now wary about replacing any other light fixtures.

    • Hi Ashley,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. In an interesting coincidence, the Wall Street Journal just published this article about light bulbs: “Picking the Brightest, Most Efficient Bulb.” More food for thought…or confusion. :)

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