Weeding Out Bad Habits to Grow Good Ones

Good habits will mold us into Practicing Catholics

Source: Lifehacker.com

This morning I stumbled upon the following question over at Lifehacker.com, the website that provides tips, tricks, and downloads for getting things done in a digital age.

“What behaviors do you practice every day? Are they positive? Or are they habits you can live without?”

As the co-editor of “The Practicing Catholic” that question certainly grabbed my attention. While the Lifehacker post doesn’t necessarily steer the discussion toward spiritual practices, we can certainly apply it to our lives as practicing Catholics.

Do your daily comings and goings consist of a series of good habits assisting you along your journey as a practicing Catholic? What “bad” habits do you need to break in order to cultivate new ones — new habits that will allow you to fully embrace living your Catholicism day in and day out?

As continued in the Lifehacker post:

“Our lives are a series of things we practice, and if we consciously practice better habits, we’ll not only identify and break our bad habits, but we’ll organically grow good ones, and live a more proactive life — where you’re aware of the habits you’re developing and choose to embrace them as opposed to just falling into them because they’re just what you do.”

Holy Mother Church has gifted us many practices we can implement day in and day out: attending Mass, reflecting on the daily readings, praying the Divine Office, reading about the lives of the saints, celebrating Eucharist, undergoing a daily examination of conscience, praying the Rosary, etc.

Following the Beatitudes in which Jesus essentially states what it means to be a Christian, He tells us, “So be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Matthew 5:48). We are perfected by the daily practice of living out our Catholic faith in every moment, every situation, no matter where we are.

As the joke goes, a guy gets into a cab in New York City and asks the cab driver, “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” The cab driver replies, “Practice, practice, practice.” How are you practicing your faith today? What small things can you change in order to become the Practicing Catholic Christ is calling you to be?

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