1. Love your blog! I just found you at The Kennedy Adventures.
    I love the “Adopt-a-seminarian” idea!
    Hey, I hope that you will check out my blog http://www.EquippingCatholicFamilies.com. Also,a couple other Catholic Bloggers and I have just launched a new website at http://www.CatholicBloggersNetwork.com. I think it’s going to be a great network and resource for us all! Please check it out and join up to the many link-ups!
    Here’s the tour: http://www.catholicbloggersnetwork.com/2012/01/take-tour-of-catholic-bloggers-network.html
    God bless and welcome any day to the new baby!

  2. Woo hoo! YOu’re going to be on Among Women! Yay! Please remind of us of when.

    And don’t you worry — we’ve got you covered in prayer — St Gerard and Our Lady are hearing plenty from me about you and your wee baby.

    Please keep us posted

  3. Hey, thanks for the shout out, Lisa! Looking forward to updating your readership soon about your guest slot on Among Women!

    Rejoicing about the baby’s soon arrival!

  4. As the mom of a young man discerning the priesthood, I LOVE the adopt a seminarian idea! I am going to suggest it to our diocesan vocation director today! Thank you so much…

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