1. Lisa, great post. Fr. Aquinas’ homily is inspirational. He really makes you think about the immorality of the administration’s actions, and that they want us to accept and practice their immorality. Thanks for sharing this, and keep up the great work you’re doing.

  2. Lisa, so often I a have noticed the homily is just about vague ideas of love and how all loving God is, and how we should be more all loving. But if you destill it down, what does it really mean? I’m beginning to think it is just code for Liberalism.

    We need more sermons like Father Aquinas. I have never once heard the issues of abortion raised in a sermon.

    Here is hoping that the recent events with the Obama Administration are a wake up call to many in the Church. I am enheartened but what I am seeing from the Bishops so far.

  3. Catherine

    Thank you for sharing this homily. I am not a big fan of clapping in mass, either – but I did this week. The priests here read a letter from Cardinal Designate, Archbishop Timothy Dolan during homilies. I was heartened when I turned around and saw that my fellow parishioners had joined me in standing, and clapping when it was finished.

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