1. Andrew

    Well said, Kasey. I onced offered up my prayers of a holy hour for a couple from my home parish that was getting married. After telling the groom of my offering, he sincerely stated that that was the best gift they would receive. Aside from actually allowing our Lord to consume us at Communion, adoration is the most intimate encounter we have with him and all of those who like us seek such union. And for what it is worth, bonus points to you for quoting Archbishop Sheen.

  2. Sara

    Kasey – thank you so much for picking up the phone that night and signing up for Adoration. It was me who called and February’s Adoration was the very first time I was trying to organize volunteers…and on Valentine’s Day of all days! To say I was stressed about not finding “dates for Jesus”, was a bit of an understatement. But, with great people like yourself, the slots filled themselves…thanks again!

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