1. Sara

    Beautiful post, Lisa! As a mother, I can’t imagine having looked into one of my boys’ eyes for the first time and wishing he hadn’t been born. So sad. The Levys need all the prayers we can offer up on their behalf.

  2. I’d add another layer of bread or cheese on your sandwich — Kelle Hampton. Her memoir comes out in April about her daughter with Down Syndrome. She has an amazing blog, Enjoying the Small Things. Her birth story about Nella is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read.

  3. My MSAFP test (the pre-natal one) came back elevated for Down’s. It was kind of interesting how fast they jumped my 3-D ultrasound from three weeks away to a week away so that there would be time for amnio and possible abortion.

    Two problems:

    1.) Amnio was not going to be an option unless they wanted to put me under for it.

    2.) I wasn’t going to abort my son (now almost 3) if the ultrasound showed Down’s. (It didn’t.)

    As far as needing a big payout to cover her care, did they look into SSI? Did they look into various programs for people with developmental disabilities in Oregon? I’m guessing they were too busy being greedy to do so.

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