1. Mike F.

    Good piece, much appreciated. Two small corrections and a comment: it’s “complementary” (with an “e”) in this case, not “complimentary” (with an “i”)>


    And “Colloquially, if you don’t make out of the womb intact” should be “Colloquially, if you don’t *it* make out of the womb intact”

    One other possibility – the bishops could clarify these points, making it plain that such uses of the “seamless garment” argument are incorrect/illegitimate. I think perhaps it’s as likely that they would do this as that they would get rid of the phrase altogether.

    • Mike, thanks for stopping by and commenting in. Thanks also for picking up the mess behind my inadequate proofreading and offering me the opportunity to exercise my humility. Both much appreciated.

  2. Mike,

    We have a 7-week baby at home. Looks like the foggy mommy brain isn’t just for mommies (and I even edited this, too)! Thanks for dropping by and offering the grammatical clarifications. We are all in this together…

  3. It is unfortunate that the Seamless Garment as proposed, suggesting that the teachings are consistent, related, and supportive of each other, was turned more into Prego (“It’s in there!”). The Seamless Garment idea wasn’t suggestive of a menu where you pick and choose the items you like, it was more like a recipe, where the final result just isn’t right if you leave anything out.

    • Deacon Sean, great to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by and weighing in. I like the recipe analogy very much; I may use that. Of course, I promise to give you proper credit. Hope all is well in your corner of the state!

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