1. I was so excited to see that you linked up for PHFR! It is one of my favorites because I love to see all the photos people use in their posts. Beautiful magnolia tree! I was just pondering the joy I’ve experienced this week as we marked my first spring break with the kids as a SAHM. Instead of dreading the child care arrangements that work would require, I looked forward to a whole week of fun, sleeping in, and quality time with my husband and our children. I know what you mean about being exactly where you are meant to be. :)

  2. Thanks for joining! I love your post. There are so many beauties to be found in serving each other!
    And yes, the “boiled dinner” as we call it here in New England is the easiest, tastiest, and cheapest around! When you’re done with the dinner, there’s hash as well. (and my reuben casserole — recipe on the blog)
    However, it’s a lot cheaper where you are, I can tell you that, so yes, enjoy!

  3. Seventeen cents a pound! I was pleased to get mine at $1.79 per. It is a nice thing to make, isn’t it?
    The picture of Lucy and the daffodils is especially lovely!

    • Ha! Too funny – I meant $1.17/pound, not $0.17. Surprised no one caught that until now. Yes, that would have been really cheap corned beef! :) But my husband says I am wrong and it was actually $1.79/pound. I tried finding the receipt to prove him wrong, but I must have recycled it already. I still think it was $1.17 because the .17 rang in my mind being March 17 and all. We can both be right given lack of evidence!

      At any rate, thanks for dropping by and commenting. I appreciate it! And thanks for the compliments on our daughter, too.

  4. I started making Irish corned beef and cabbage because it was cheap too -and I was curious to know what it tasted like! We’re Swiss German Mennonites, so it rang a bell in our cultural genes.

    I was interested to read of your intersection with job and family. . .

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