1. EDM

    Do you know if the bishop ever formally institutes lectors or acolytes outside of diaconate formation? I live in the Des Moines diocese and am interested in exploring these ministries at some point.

    • Hi there! Thanks for dropping by our blog. As for your question, I don’t know that the bishop does any special thing for laypeople who are ordinary lectors in their parishes. The Rite of Lector is a specific step outlined by Holy Mother Church that all deacon candidates worldwide must journey through on their way toward ordination (seminarians, too). The bishop in each diocese is responsible for administering this rite. But you raise a great point – the role of lector is very special. You are proclaiming the Good News. Maybe there should be more pomp and circumstance around the role for all lectors.

      • EDM

        Yeah, I used to live in a diocese where many of the readers at Mass were actually formally instituted lectors (many women were readers but could not be instituted as lectors), and only formally instituted acolytes could be extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion. As such, the diocese had many many lay men instituted by the bishop in these ministries. The practice kind of grew on me. It’s obviously not the standard operating procedure around here, but I personally think it would be cool to have as an option. Like you said, it gives an extra ceremonial feel and an extra specialness to the ministry.

        • Thanks! I recall from our time in the Dubuque diocese that they had some sort of annual commissioning for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. However, I don’t know if the Des Moines diocese does that, and I’ve never heard of anything similar for other liturgical ministries. BTW, I’m in favor of most things that up the ante for liturgical ministers. Ones who don’t take their role seriously and parishes that don’t take their training seriously drive me a bit bonkers! ;^)

  2. These were so beautiful- you captured the themes beautifully. I love the picture of your little girl clutching her Rosary. And Jude’s brought tears to my eyes!

    It may feel like an overwhelming blur right now, but it will definitely work out! I am always in awe of and grateful for the men (and their wives and families) who choose to become deacons. Many prayers for your family!

  3. Mark and Melissa Bortle

    What a wonderful story. Congratulations to Joel for his installation of a lector. My class in the Dubuque Diocese is one year behind yours. I will be going through the installation of an acolyte this coming October. Our prayers continue for you two as you continue on your journey towards ordination as a deacon in the Des Moines Diocese. Good luck as your prayerful and faith filled journey continues.
    Mark and Melissa

  4. Hey, great to hear from you two! Hope all is well and your diaconate formation program is going well. You both go forward with our prayers, as well. So, your class is a year behind ours, but you will be installed as an acolyte this October? Funny, our acolyte installation is next May, at the end of our third year. Have you already been installed as a lector? Blessings to you both on your journey!

    • Mark and Melissa Bortle

      Joel, I misspoke. In October we will be Admitted to Candidacy for the Diaconate. I was looking too far ahead in our journey. We continue to pray for your family also as we both continue our joint paths towards diaconate ordination. We have a wonderful class of 9 men and their wives in our formation class, Class XVI from the Dubuque Diocese. Good luck and God Bless.
      Mark and Melissa

  5. What lovely rosaries! I’ll definitely be checking out that etsy shop. And thank you – for the sacrifices your family is making for out Chuch. We need strong men!

  6. I can’t tell you how many important photos I’ve taken that turn out super blurry. Sigh. But the ones with the sweet hands clutching the rosary! Wonderful.

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