1. You hear that argument so much among atheists and non-Catholics–how terrible it is that Catholics “can’t think for themselves” and they blindly follow the Church. They revel in how great it is that they can use their intellects to wisely choose their own way.

    But in a world where intellects are darkened by original sin and the will to choose the hard path of heaven is weakened, the only sure path is what is illuminated by the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit. Rock on sheeple! We have a Shepherd that is sure to lead us in the Truth!

  2. Hi Marc,

    Frankly, what’s more disappointing to me is to hear magisterial obedience disparaged by self-described “progressive” Catholics, as though obedience means you either can’t or choose not to think for yourself. When I hear fellow Catholics who sound more like secularists or atheists, it really underscores how we need to reach out ecumenically to help effect substantive, positive change in the culture. Sometimes, we may have a lot more in common with the Christians across the street than the “Catholics” across the aisle.

    Pax Christi,

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