1. Sara Brinker

    This book sounds wonderful and will likely be an excellent resource for couples. Thanks so much for the chance to get a copy. God bless you for all you do!! Hope to see you soon!! Much love. Sara

    • Thank you, Sara, for all your support and love. You’ve been with us since the beginning! There must be a reward for that. Maybe you’ll win the book! :)

  2. Cathi De Genova

    As a member of the Elizabeth Ministry in our Parish, I think this book is a much needed resource. Couples need help in understanding the Catholic teaching on Infertility issues. Thanks for writing it!

    • Hi Cathi,
      Elizabeth Ministry is a fabulous resource, isn’t it? So glad we are at a parish that has a chapter as well! Thank you for entering the drawing. We will select a winner later this week.

  3. Cecilia

    Hi, I read your book and noticed you both have biological children. I have no children and after an early miscarriage I have now been advised both my fallopian tubes are blocked. (This was diagnosed via laparoscopy). My husband and I have only been with each other and can’t see any good reason why my tubes would be blocked. I found your book very hard to read. You discussed Naprotechnolgy and tubal surgery. I used the Creighton method for over a year but because there are no Naprotechnolgy doctors in New Zealand my options are limited. Perhaps if I was a millionaire I could afford to come to the USA or Ireland for treatment, but I am not. I would like tubal surgery but it is not widely used in New Zealand and the technology isn’t nearly as advanced as that used by doctors overseas because doctors here recommend going straight to ivf instead. I know things worked out for you both and I’m happy for you, but I also think it makes it very easy to say what you say in your book about the church’s stance against ivf. It is also very difficult to adopt in New Zealand. There was ONE adoption in our region (state) last year. It is also a very lengthy process and can take years if it even happens at all. I don’t believe it is the Lord’s plan that we remain childless. There is nothing I want more in my heart than to be a parent. I found the comment in your vook abkut embryo adoption interesting though and we may look into this further since the church has not made a ruling on it. I like the idea of saving a child eho might otherwise be destroyed.

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