Is it cheating to combine 7 Quick Takes & {phfr}?

I enjoy linking up to the {pretty, happy, funny, real} series hosted at the blog Like Mothers, Like Daughters. And I also take pleasure when participating in Jen’s 7 Quick Takes at Conversion Diary. Is it cheating to combine the two popular series and post a 7 Quick Takes, {phfr}-style? Killing two birds with one stone? Or will this lead to a blogosphere double whammy? Let’s roll the dice and let the fun begin!


Crowned in love. Isn’t she lovely?

— 1 —

I attended my parish’s Altar & Rosary Society annual spring luncheon this week. The event began with praying the Rosary followed by celebrating Mass with a May crowning. I am almost 36-years-old, and I think this was the first May crowning I’ve ever attended. How can that be and what took me so long?

The event ended with a luncheon and style show orchestrated by my friend Tami who owns Fashion by The Hall Tree. It was so nice to spend a few hours praying and conversing with joy-filled and wise women. Bonus: we were served wine … for lunch … on a Thursday! The three-hour outing really put a bounce in my step and was just the spiritual renewal I needed this week.

— 2 —

So, what’s an Altar & Rosary Society, you ask? Well, maybe you aren’t asking, but the question did arise on Twitter yesterday:


Twitter: a fun digital place to hang-out and eavesdrop

In a nutshell, the main thrust of the Altar & Rosary Society is this: a great group of active women devoted to the Blessed Mother who are committed to praying the Rosary daily. The group also provides general care for the well-being of the Church, rectory, and pastor.

While there weren’t hats and gardenias at the luncheon, there were pansies on each table and great fashion advice during the style show! Does that answer your questions, Marc and Maria?

— 3 —

Speaking of the rosary, now seems like an appropriate time to recruit more prayer warriors for an initiative I wrote about earlier this week. Will you join me in praying the Rosary for your family once a day for the remainder of the month? You can read more about it here. Bottom-line: Papa Benedict told me to do this. Check it out.


The fashionista tied this scarf all by herself

OshKosh B’gosh bibs make me smile, too!

Happiness is enjoying a picnic lunch, just me & the kids

— 4 —

It’s been a good week here at Das Schmidt Haus (as long as you don’t count the infestation of ants marching ten by ten through our mud room into our kitchen … or Joel pulling a couple of all-nighters finishing deacon-formation assignments). Over a year now since resigning from my job and diving into my vocation as wife and mother, I’m feeling more settled. I don’t love every minute, but I love I’m home to experience every minute (does that even make sense?). I’ve been working on writing my vocation story for several months now — fits and starts, the inspiration is fleeting. Hopefully I’ll be able to tie it up with a nice bow soon.

— 5 —

The biggest struggle since hanging up my business suits and stowing away the high heels has been making good choices when it comes to food and exercise. At my six-week postpartum check-up, I was tested for diabetes. Not gestational diabetes. Type II diabetes — like the disease most of the Biggest Loser contestants have when they walk onto the ranch. Thankfully the test came back negative, but it was very humbling to hear the doctor say, “You gained a lot of weight during the pregnancy. We are going to test you for diabetes.”

Whitney, who runs one of my favorite blogs 9 Kid Fitness, lives by the Rule of 70 (70% of weight loss comes from what we eat, 30% comes from exercise). Given I haven’t exercised as much as I would have liked the past couple months, I am still seeing good progress simply by making wise food choices and doing my best at living within the Rule of 70.


My mom makes me meat!

— 6 —

Take a look above at the words written on Lucy’s project she completed at preschool recently. Yes, we are enjoying high-quality proteins these days and I think she’s getting the idea that carbs are not mommy’s best friend.


Chicken Breasts with Cherry Tomatoes, Olives & Feta

— 7 —

Joel has traditionally been the executive chef in our home (he’s an amazing cook, folks!). Now that I’m at-home full-time, it’s a task I needed to assume, and I did so rather hesitantly. To my surprise, I am really enjoying planning and preparing meals. One of my favorite go-to resources is America’s Test Kitchen — they have helped me understand the science behind cooking, and now armed with greater knowledge of how and why food properties act as they do, I am more confident to experiment with staples in the pantry.

The picture above is the result of Test Kitchen’s recipe for sautéed chicken with cherry tomatoes, olives, and feta cheese. Feeling rather proud of myself, I shared it with the good folks at ATK and they featured it on their fan photo of the week feed. Watch out, Catholic Foodie, I’m on your heels!

With that, my maiden voyage exploring how to infuse 7 Quick Takes with {pretty, happy, funny, real} is complete. How did I do? Please don’t kick me off your blogs!

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary. For more {pretty, happy, funny, real entries} visit Like Mother, Like Daughter.

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  1. says

    So, the Altar and Rosary Society is about drinking wine for lunch on a Thursday?

    Just kidding. ;-) Yes! You answered my question. Thanks. That actually sounds extremely cool. It’s like your work maintaining the Church flows from praying the rosary and your devotion to the Blessed Mother. Exactly the opposite of the LCWR sisters.

    Great post!

    • says

      LCWR = Zing! Joel was saying much of the same thing. He has been in engaged in a conversation with someone who feels the Church should ordain women deacons. If we just go ordaining everybody for service in the Church, we totally invalidate the lay faithful.

      Thanks for commenting, friend!

  2. says

    I love hearing about the Altar & Rosary Society at your parish. My first thought was, What is that?, so I was thrilled that was your next paragraph. I’d love to have something like that at our parish. Sounds like a beautifully dedicated bunch of ladies.
    I had no idea you stopped working just last year! I stopped working while pregnant with my second baby also. We have soooo much to talk about. It really is a big transition from working mom to stay at home mom. I will admit it took me a while to fully embrace it and stop telling people at playgroups that I was really a lawyer. Ha ha, and then to read about dinner time! In our house, my husband was executive chef until I stopped working. Wow, what a rude awakening to have to cook dinner every night after taking care of the little people all day. And don’t even get me started on ironing (when I stopped working, he stopped taking his shirts to the cleaners. Yikes!)
    We MUST have a lunch with wine while at the CNMC and talk!!!!

    • says

      Oh yes, we certainly need to have a glass of wine at lunch during CNMC! Looking forward to seeing you again! I was the assistant city manager for our Des Moines suburb. Great job but not my vocational call right now.

      How many oven burns did you get that first year? I have a few scars…

  3. says

    Love it! Congrats on the shout-out from America’s Test Kitchen. That is really COOL! And thanks for the warning. I didn’t see you coming back there, but you really are on my heels! Boy, I need to get busy! Off to the kitchen I go… ;-)


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