1. I don’t know about MY type of neck-wear, but I think you are one of those sassy short scarves, tied around the neck with the ends poking out. You know what I mean right…the kind that we used to wear with suits? Or that Dayle Evans wore while riding horseback?

    That’s how I picture you. Professional, yet, sassy; serious, yet spunky. :)

    • Wow! What lovely words, Jess! I think you just wrote my profile (Joel and I are working on updating our “about us” page — I really may have to use some of those words!) Thank you.

      I think you would be something that is spunky & fun, smart, colorful, brings joy and smiles to others, unforgettable … so maybe a funky boa? :)

  2. I am a scarf that I bought during an impromptu trip to Italy. I loop it around my neck to make any V shirts a little more modest and warm, while also accessorizing!

  3. Lisa Bourne

    One or more gold necklaces adorned with a religious medal or medals. More often than not a Miraculous Medal or medals, with honor and devotion for and intentions to the Blessed Mother, at times a saint whose particular story or charism has special meaning for me, and also the patron saint medals of the two children God gave us who are now with him in heaven.

    • That’s beautiful, Lisa. Given Joel and I have lost two babies to miscarriage, I really like the idea of remembering them through a medal. That’s a lovely idea. Thanks for chiming in. Feel free to write a whole blogpost! Mi blogga, su blogga! :)

      • Lisa Bourne

        Well, this will probably be too long for a reply, but, it came to me because I had implemented a tradition of giving my three earthly children their patron saint medal when they receive First Communion. And when it occurred to me that this would be among the many things I would miss doing with my other two children, I thought I would wear their medals myself as a way to honor them, and as another way to be connected to them. Even though your children in heaven are as much yours as are those whom you can touch and embrace, you long for as many ways to connect with them as possible. So where I had my other three children’s medals engraved with their initials and First Communion date, I had Matthew and Elizabeth’s medals engraved with their initials and the year they were conceived and received into heaven. The medals were blessed by the very same dear priest friend who celebrated our Masses to commend them both into heaven. I’ve never been much into accessories, so fashion scarves and such are not something I naturally take to, in fact it needs to be pretty cold before I’ll opt for a turtle neck and I unconsciously shun collars, because I like the feeling of freedom for my neck. But even before the very definitive experience of losing Matthew and Elizabeth, in fact since I was a little girl, I have loved the beauty of jewelry. It’s my weakness, and as a rule I love the color of stones as part of that beauty. I have a gorgeous tourmaline pendant from Chris’s and my honeymoon, the stone from South America, set by an independent New Hampshire jeweler from the lovely little town where we were staying. I used to wear it nearly every day, and still do often. However, at this point in my life, religious medals are the deal, at least for what dangles near my heart. Golden, beautiful, precious yet strong, strong yet well-worn, classic, traditional, inspirational, holy, devout and blessed.

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