1. We are planning to see it tomorrow night after church! Dan is very excited to see it. I also knew nothing about it until we got his Knights of Columbus magazine last month.

  2. John

    The Knights of Columbus magazine was great in it’s coverage of this time in Mexican history. The movie looks very good and has a great cast. I am excited to see Peter O’Toole in this film. A great book about a time slightly after the Cristero War is the Power and The Glory by Graham Greene. It is about a Catholic priest and his struggles with the Mexican government. I love everything Graham Greene wrote and this was the first book by him that I read. It was also adapted into a very good film called The Fugitive.

  3. Just saw For Greater Glory. What a wonderful film. hard to believe such a movie could even be made these days. Great acting and wonderful moral lessons abound. made me proud to be a Catholic. hope we can all defend our faith with as much courage as these people did. I have a new respect for Andy Garcia. I hope this movie gets some acknowledgement fromHollywood.

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