Follow-Up: Resources for Miscarriage, Stillbirth & Perinatal Loss

We recently asked for input given Joel and I are working on developing a new miscarriage/stillbirth/perinatal loss support group for our diocese. Wow, ask and you shall receive! I shouldn’t be surprised. 25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. Many of us have been emotionally jolted by the loss of a child (or grandchild/niece/nephew, etc), and feel passionate about helping others who find themselves in the throes of it, too. Joel and I are grateful for the heartfelt and emotional comments and suggestions provided. (You can still provide input here.)

There are two particularly powerful resources that were brought to my attention.

1. The Diocese of Saskatoon Miscarriage Awareness Webpage 

A priest in the Diocese of Saskatoon pointed us to the miscarriage awareness work being done in his diocese (that’s in Canada for you geographically-challenged). Folks there have created some outstanding resources and organized them in a central location here. Bookmark it and share with appropriate individuals as an illustration of what can be done at the diocesan level.

2. Support for Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Perinatal Loss by Melanie Gillespie

I’ve mentioned Melanie, aka The Rosary Chick, many times here before. She and her family identified ten key things you can do to support a family grieving the loss of a child. As Melanie so eloquently writes, “I think many families and, especially, many mothers, suffer the pain of miscarriage in silence. That isn’t to say this topic is comfortable for anyone, but sometimes love calls us into unfamiliar places.” Head over to her site and read more.

If you are aware of other helpful resources, please share. We are currently redeveloping this site and intend on having a landing page devoted to miscarriage support and resources.

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  1. Kara Storey says

    Hi! I read your blog from time to time as my husband and I live in DSM. We’re currently in Dallas at the NACFLM conference (my husband is the director of the marriage and family life office for the Diocese of Des Moines) and I ran into a lady from the Archdiocese of Atlanta who recently started a miscarriage ministry called Embrace. Maybe you’ve already heard of this? Last fall they had a remembrance walk and in May had a remembrance Mass that was celebrated by the archbishop. As each couple entered the church, they were encouraged to write down the name of their child (if they hadn’t named their baby then they just wrote Baby Last Name) and then all of the names were read during the Mass. Here is their website:

    • says

      Hi Kara! Thanks for dropping by and sharing this information with us! Joel and I both feel called to help get a Memorial Mass established for our diocese. I love the example you have shared here. THANK YOU! In general, Joel and I simply need to sit down with you and Adam and get to know each other better. We will certainly be in touch. Thanks again for dropping by.

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