In Respect for Sacred Family Time

Do you set aside sacred family time each week … even if that means your children will miss out on activities? If so, how have you been able to win that battle?

It’s the question I ask over at today. Here’s a snippet of my post Investing in the Domestic Church:

Bishop Richard Pates, the shepherd for the Diocese of Des Moines, Iowa, recently instituted a policy that declares Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings off limits for everything but sacramental, ministerial, or catechetical activities. All Catholic schools, institutions, and organizations of the diocese must adhere to this policy. So this means no more extracurricular activities like sports, drama, and band on Wednesday evenings or on Sunday mornings. This edict also bleeds into parish life — pastoral council, finance council, liturgy committee, etc. cannot schedule meetings during this timeframe either.

In issuing this policy Bishop Pates said, “More and more research points to the Church’s wisdom regarding the need to pull away from the demands of our culture and give families the opportunity to pray, learn, recreate, and grow together in love. This is the Church’s opportunity to invest in building-up the domestic church, which is each family. This policy is our commitment to the sacredness of the Sunday Sabbath observation.”

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    Dan’s parents had a rule that they could only choose ONE extra-curricular activity (before high school). So for Dan, that meant 4-H ONLY – no little league baseball. My parents were a little more lenient – but, really, in little Orient, Iowa the only sports a grade-schooler could play was little league!

    I really like this idea – but, man, it seems challenging! As a family with no kids, we do pretty well not having much on our schedule – but, the challenge is turning off the TV and investing in our faith. An excellent challenge – but a challenge, nonetheless!

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