1. Those cupcakes look fantastic, and that dip sounds tasty except for the olives. I am not an olive fan.

    I can attest first-hand to the prevalence of Catholics in the military (especially the Navy, although I don’t know why). I’m an Air Force brat, and the Catholic presence was so significant at the bases where we lived that our chapel was always mostly Catholic, with maybe one mainline Protestant service around two or three Masses.

    • Hey Lindsay! Thanks for dropping by! You know, I don’t like black olives much either, but you can hardly taste them. You could also omit them without affecting the taste too much.

      God bless your family. Thank you all for your service and commitment to protecting our freedoms!

    • Ha! I could be a tad more specific, eh? I had intended to pin these to Pinterest and just link up to recipes, but I ran out of time. We are traveling in Wisconsin right now so not using my normal equipment, either!
      In response to your question – yes, just chop everything up into chunks. Think bite-site servings that will work on a tortilla chip.

  2. Sara Brinker

    LOVE the new kiddo pics!! Awesome!!!

    Hope to see you soon!!!

    Have a great rest of the week!!


  3. Audrey Miller

    The Frontline Faith is doing a really great job. The mp3 players pre-recorded with prayers and the inspirational talks are a huge inspiration to those soldiers out there. By the way Kiddo is really cute. :-) Love the pics!

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