1. Marsha Johnson

    Faith needs to be restored in all of us and we really need to make sure that Faith comes from our children. It is hard to see the childen who do not know Faith.

  2. Beverly FitzGerald

    I’m looking forward to reading this excellent book after seeing the TV interviews and reading the great reviews.

  3. A great book that I’m reading through a second time now. If I win I’ll give it as a gift to on of our Church’s parishoners or to the gift shop so hopefully a fellow parishoner will also be enlightened!

  4. Sally Pap

    I fear for our country if people of faith do not stand up and get involved in the political process. This is the year to do it! I look forward to reading this book and sharing it with my family and friends so we can do our part to restore morality to our culture and retain our
    God-given liberties.

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  5. John Germain

    When I was teaching “Christian Formation” (Catholic catechism) I used to teach my students that their minds (like their bodies) would become what they feed it. Which is why we have so many who can’t reason the connections you mention between morals and other issues. The local newspaper and TV news and other media don’t bring morals into the issues, which is why I taught my students to read Catholic media as well. If we form our consciences with Catholic moral teaching, we are more likely to discern the issues correctly.

  6. Katie McDonald

    Im a cradle Catholic still learning about the faith. The more I read the more I want. I love the Catholic faith and richness it has.

  7. Nowadays, people are forgetting that having a good moral is still the most important characteristic we should all have regardless of the position we are holding in this world. Imagine the atmosphere of the place where we are living if and only if all of us will have a good morality.

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