1. Dianna

    Thank you so much for sharing …. I distinctly remember in nursing school (20 yrs ago) that when a women stopped taking the pill, she should use some other form of birth control before trying to conceive, to let her body rid itself of the hormones, etc. We were taught you needed to wait at LEAST 6 months, if not a year. My first pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage, just a few months after coming off the pill. I’ve looked around, and can’t seem to find the (very obvious to me) connection between prior pill use and miscarriages. Argh.

    Looking forward to all of the posts this week, and you’ve inspired me to try to write my own.

  2. […] There is, my friend! It’s been written here before, and I’ll state it again. NFP is all-natural, doesn’t cost anything and doesn’t harm any part of the bodies God gave us. We work WITH the fertility God established within us. There are so many detrimental physical and spiritual side effects of artificial contraceptives and sterilizations that aren’t widely publicized. Do your research. There IS a better way. (From: 6 Things I’ve Learned Since Dumping the Pill) […]

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