My Prayer for Women During This Year of Faith

When Dr. Tom Neal asked me to write a guest post for the Year of Faith blog, he gave me two instructions: 1) the post must center around women and faith, and 2) it be under 500 words. Seriously? I get one shot on a topic I am most passionate about and am only alloted 500 words?

So I cast wide my net, prayed for the Holy Spirit to inspire me, and read, reread … and reread again Pope Benedict XVI’s apostolic letter Porta Fidei (Door of Faith). How surprising that the movie Pleasantville, June Cleaver, and Pope Benedict XVI’s thoughts on vocations were placed upon my heart. How to bring it all together?

Well, head over here to read the post.

And if you’re wondering, I exceeded my word limit by 78. But who’s counting?

The mother of the two teens left the biggest impression on me. She was June Cleaver-esque — modest, dutiful, and feminine, all with a sense of quiet wisdom. And she was perfectly content to be so until she witnessed others becoming “colorful.” Wanting to have what she saw in others, the mother began to dabble in sinful behaviors. Little by little, she became colorful . . . at least on the outside. The movie depicted her as a caged bird who simply needed an opportunity to be set free so her “true colors” could shine.


  1. Renee says

    Beautiful post, Lisa! You are able to capture so many thoughts and emotions in ways I’ve never thought of. You’re truly right in once you say “yes” and accept your vocation, the graces make you and everyone around you better. I know, for me, I didn’t accept God’s graces for awhile and it wasn’t until after I tried to stop being who I wasn’t that I stopped always seeing the greener grass on the other side of the fence! Thank you for helping to color my world in so many ways!

    • says

      Thanks Renee! Thank *you* for all your support. It’s with support & prayers from women like you that have helped me embrace my vocation. Thanks for your ongoing friendship! I’m thankful we’ve become friends.

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