A Vanity Pro-Life License Plate?

So I saw this personalized license plate the other day. In a fit of wishful thinking I had to wonder if the person in the driver’s seat was showing opposition to Plan B. As in the emergency contraception drug. As in the drug Planned Parenthood says will “prevent pregnancy from happening if you’ve had unprotected sex.” As in the drug both the Food and Drug Administration and its makers admit can “prevent attachment (implantation) to the uterus (womb).” 

So Plan B can cause a woman’s body to reject an already fertilized egg? Sounds like the termination of a pregnancy.

“NoPlanB” indeed. 

Then I had a thought.

A national group, Choose Life, Inc., promotes “Choose Life” license plates across the country. 26 states have approved them already, raising almost $15 million for women in a crisis pregnancy situations. The Great State, that’s I-O-W-A for the uninformed, recently approved them, too. Here’s a sample. 

They cost $25, and for an extra $25, you can personalize the plate. A pro-life vanity plate! This may be unnecessary given “Choose Life” pretty much says it all, but let’s have some fun. In 5 characters, how could we promote an even stronger pro-life, pro-adoption message? Here are some thoughts. 

  • 4LIFE
  • LOVE
What say you?

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  1. says

    Hi Lisa, greetings from your southwest fan club :-) On a recent Catholic Vitamins, we featured a young soph college lady who was date-raped, became pregnant and was pushed by the ‘medical help’ team to take 486. They told her it would “help keep a baby from being formed.” She refused it and just gave birth to a lovely daughter named Elizabeth Ann. We’re so proud of her.

    Meanwhile – we’ve lived in Florida (where the Choose Life plates) got started. It has been fought in every state by those who are pro-choice. But it has survived almost every contest. A slightly modified (slightly weakened) plate survived here in Arizona… but at least it’s avail and doing pro-life good work.

    Blessings. Caring thoughts. dt

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