1. Carl

    Fantastic!!! This is exactly what I need for my Rollo in the next men’s Cursillo in New Hampshire. The subject of it is Study of the Environment, and it is about our human environment.

  2. Hey, this is awesome! Can’t wait for the rest. Cardinal Wuerl is great huh? I love that he said after we renew our own faith we must stand in the truth. That’s the only way we’ll keep that faith isn’t it? That’s the foundation.

  3. wil

    Sounds good, but very weak in fact. There seems to be a private organization called United States Conference of Catholic Bishops which seems to be against having an individual renewal of his faith, not let one learn more about the faith, or share the truth. Why oh why does USCCB prohibit LOGOS from selling its Catholic bible and catechism software to me?

  4. Dan

    I’m not sure whether to be amused or saddened by this. Here we have Donald Cardinal Wuerl, protector of the homosexual perversion, persecutor of good priests, toady to the tyrants in the US government, appeaser of every Catholic dissident who comes his way, standing there talking about evangelization. Donald Wuerl is a posturing politician who has done very serious damage to the Church in this country.

    And let us not forget the old adage, very apt in this case, “actions speak louder than words”. Wuerl’s words may be soothing; his actions are quite despicable. If you are going to do a puff piece on a man like this I advise you to do your homework better. Go ahead and praise any good things he may have said, but never shy away from pointing out the hard, sad facts about his governorship of the Church in Washington

    • Dan, your fervent disapproval of Cardinal Wuerl in areas not related to this post is duly noted. We sincerely hope it is matched by the fervor of your prayers for him. Thanks for stopping by and commenting in; peace and blessings to you.

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