• Michael Kern

      One observation that I think is fairly important which kind of goes with my bridge analogy. Back in the old days we had a 3 hour fast before receiving the Eucharist. My wife tells me it was so we would be “hungry” for the Eucharist. Now the fast is 1 hour and unfortunately that includes coffee. Since it is never mentioned anymore at the pulpit, we forget about it. (how many times have you seen people chewing gum and then receiving communion). I just thought I would mention this. I also have 2 or 3 other strange habits. I don’t believe in the part of the mass where we greet each other. This was put in during Vatican 2 as an optional practice. It is turned into a free-for-all and I oppose the practice as the bread has been consecrated and we should be focused on Him and not each other. It takes away from the reverence of Him. So I don’t greet and I don’t stand during this part of the Mass. If you go to Latin Masses, you will find this is still the custom. A great mass to go to is the St. Francis Desales Oratory downtown on Grand at 10:00. The other 2 issues are I never receive the Host in the hand. I served as a sacristan and we would go to great lengths to make sure no morsels of his presence were disposed of properly. The linens on the altar contain many pieces or fragments of the host, which are disposed in the proper sink which piping goes into the ground. If you have never served as an sacristan, then most people don’t know this. When you receive in the hand, the particles fall into the carpet. I also believe if people really believed that this was the true Lord that they were receiving, than they would kneel appropriately, which I do. I of course realize not everyone can kneel, but those that can should.
      Finally, I don’t receive communion from an Extraordinary minister. This teaching too has been lost in the Church. The purpose of an Extraordinary minister was for extra ordinary circumstances. Not to get the mass over quickly and get people to the parking lot quicker. There is no reason to give out the wine as the body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ can’t be separated. It is in the host. I can bring some Cards on the Eucharistic Miracles of Lanciano, Italy. I may even have a DVD around here explaining it. See attached pic.

  1. Dan Miller-Gartner

    I believe that the sign of Peace should come before the gifts are given, Just as Matthew says. As for people being uncomfortable with handshaking or otherwise, it should be ok to just verbally give a sign of peace. Most of the discussion I have seen around this topic is not about faith at all, it is about conformity and control.

  2. Edward Miller

    A more appropriate sign should be “freedom and liberty be with you”, this is more in line with the modern interpretation of litergical doctrine. Peace at best is a byproduct of freedom and liberty. Peace alone is really meaningless for obvious reasons.

  3. Andrew

    I forget now who told me, but apparently the priest may use the unabridged form of invitation: “Let us offer each other the sign of peace together with any communicable diseases we may happen to be carrying today”.

  4. James

    It has been going on, at least for me, since the early 1970s and I know it has been going on way before that and in most, if not all the churches. I never was in a church that did not offer the sign of peace
    What’s the big deal, you shake hands, fist bump, give a thumbs up and move on. If it gets a little crazy and that’s people that are there to “network” anyway have the piano player play a few notes and everyone will settle down.
    This has not been introduced by true traditional Catholics (Oh of course they may be one or two cited as such, only to validate what the “others” want) that attend Mass on a regular, but people that don’t want tradition and want their way of doing things, basically to have everyone fit in.
    The church has its rules and if you don’t like the rules then become one of those other “Christian ” groups . I get tired when people want to change what is to what they want it to be.
    The peace, for people that think other wise and bring in others that don’t have “peace” is your inner peace with God and the sign of peace is to bring people from their sin and say I am a sinner and this offering is to try and make me, not only closer to God, open and loving towards you my brother or sister and I embrace your spiritual needs in receiving your peace.
    Lastly, for that germ thing and the like , well, don’t go to certain other “Christian” Masses because they are talking and dancing and the choir is singing and it is on in there, so please relax and don’t change a tradition for a few people. If a few people want it and the vast majority don’t then leave in and make the little few uncomfortable instead of the vast majority, BY FAR, uncomfortable. Because a few, percentage wise, are doing something “wrong”, if you will, the many should not suffer. It happens all the time with government laws and those same people are trying to do the same to the Catholic Church. Even from wiithin because they grow up on the “outside” and all those things they are told resonates and sticks with them until they are a part of the Catholic Church.
    Thanks for reading.
    God Bless.
    P.S. at my church, for ever, since it was built (which was the late 1800s) they offered the sign of peace. Now we have a new pastor and what does he do, he eliminates the sign of peace and the wine. Now more and more people have moved out by me from the big cities and other more populated parts of the state that are closer to the big cities (I have two equidistant from where I live) and bring their attitudes and way of life and throw it on to the way of life out here where it is becoming the place that I left (Yes I was born and raised in the big city) for the very reason that these people stand for. It’s their way or the highway.
    I came out here long ago but assimilated to my environment and became one the locals because it is their place after all. Others that came out did the same. The new people are the worst and have destroyed the “community ” atmosphere and the way of life because there are to many hammerheads from the city and surrounding area . I say this because their way of life infiltrated the church.
    They are there to “network” and plus we have one of the best High Schools in the country. They want the education and change things so they feel content and then sell their house and leave or just leave (if they don’t own a house). This Pope is the worst, he pales in comparison to Pope John Paul the II. All this means is that they change things and then move on leaving us, in Church, with things we don’t want.

  5. Theresa

    I think the sign of peace should be stopped. To many ‘germs’ going around & also,receiving communion in the hand should also be stopped like now.

    • Mike Quinn

      I agree, It is the reason I stopped going to mass, It is not “Traditional” it only appeared in the ’70’s>.
      As for getting handed communion? WTF? It’s supposed to be Christ’s body!!!!

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