• Thanks, Kathleen. Lucy & I had a heck of a time getting along yesterday. But when I pulled that photo out, I got all teary-eyed, too. Nothing like that child’s newborn photo to snap you out of mood, huh?!

  1. Sue Smith

    Thinking of the day my firstborn arrived…my parents had driven 4 hours to be in town with us because I was 10 days overdue and certain they would induce me. I was sent to the hospital after a check at the office for induction to begin. My parents, on their way to the hospital from across town, had a horrific car accident. Dad was brought to the same hospital I was in via ambulance, Mom was well enough to ride along in his ambulance but got checked over at ER, too. The hospital chaplain came up to my room, spoke with my husband outside, and then it was decided they must inform me. The nurses allowed me to be wheeled down to ER so I could see them. Mom paced the floor between CCU and Maternity ward all night awaiting our baby, and praying that Dad would live through the night. Baby and I were released in 2 days time. Dad had to stay in hospital for a week!

  2. This is so sweet, Lisa. I don’t have as sweet of a story with our first born. I was fed up with being pregnant and I all out said, “I am having this baby today!!” We left for the hospital early in the morning and he came around 3:00 that afternoon.

    My daughter on the other hand, came quick and took us by complete surprise. I was actually getting a pedicure, thinking I’d be induced in the morning, and enjoying a few precious hours to myself. The whole time I was getting the pedicure, I was having the most painful and intense contractions. She was born about 8 hours later! My sister told my OB in carpool that day (their kids go to the same school) that I thought I was in labor. My OB said, “If she’s getting a pedicure right now, there is no way she’s in labor!” Ha! I was totally in labor!

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