The Day I Locked My Keys and Baby in the Car

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Cardinal John O’Connor’s daily prayer went something like this: “Lord whatever happens today, whatever I come up against, please don’t allow me to get in the way of the Holy Spirit.” 

Even when you lock your keys AND the baby inside the car?

Sure, why not? Just another fun day here at Das Schmidt Haus. And the experience actually led to a really cool conversation with a police officer and a much needed teachable moment for me. Head over to to read how the Holy Spirit had other plans for me that day. 

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    Lisa, thank you for that story. I feel like that is the “Word” of the week – and fits particularly well with the readings from Philippians 2.
    ‘Look not for ways to best meet your selfish and vain ambition, but in humility, look to the needs of others…’
    ‘Consider Christ, who being in very likeness God, emptied himself; being found in the likeness of man, humbled himself – even to death on the cross…’
    ‘Do everything without grumbling or questioning…’

    UGH. Oh my – there I am grumbling again. :) I have grumbled pretty consistently this week against my “needy” students. GAH. Now that I look at the verses I just listed here, I’m even more convicted. I am so thankful for the Holy Spirit’s presence in our lives to NOT leave us as ‘contradictory Catholics.’ :)

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    The Lord truly works in mysterious ways. Aside from conversing with the police officer, there could have been other subtle reasons e.g. giving you a reason to write, a story to tell, a message to spread about the car and it’s mechanisms being faulty. But, it seems it was definitely an interesting experience and thank God no one was hurt.

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