1. gift giving and our extended family got easier a few years back when we all discussed (around Thanksgiving) that none of us needed anything. We were all adults and it was just too hard and stressful. The cousins all did name swaps for years and the adults did the “white elephant” gift exchange a few times, but we focus on trying to get as many together as possible over Thanksgiving and usually Christmas Eve. Time is the best gift. It certainly made the gift giving thing so much easier!!

  2. Marie

    Congrats on your radio show and CD, very cool!

    We draw names in our extended families, even for the kids. I kind of want to stop altogether, even though gifts are my second love language. Just makes Advent so stressful and I’d rather be enjoying it with my kids. I’ve never been this Scrooge-y before. : (

    • I’m there girl, I’m there, too. We have a combined Thanksgiving/Christmas on Joel’s side this week. Haven’t bought a single thing yet. So guess how Scrooge-y I’m prone to be. I think I’ll make “choose joy!” my mantra.

  3. We’ve stopped individual gift giving, and we try to do something meaningful instead–like this year my husband is planning to make homemade “hats” (a pasta everyone loves) for each family. In mine, we’ve gone to a communal donation. Stick do your guns!

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