Take 5 with Kathleen Basi

Time for another round of Take 5 — a video series we’ve started here to showcase the great work of folks passionately involved in Catholic media.

I recently chatted with Kathleen Basi, a wife, mom, writer, blogger, musician, and along with her husband, a natural family planning teaching couple for the Couple to Couple League. Check out more from Kathleen at her blog, kathleenbasi.com; follow her on Twitter @kathleenmbasi and connect with her on Facebook.

In our interview, Kathleen chats about her books — one for Advent, Joy to the World, another for Lent, Bring Lent to Life — parenting a daughter with Down Syndrome, and why she and her husband are passionate about their work as a teaching couple for natural family planning.

Thanks for a fun interview, Kathleen!

And pssst, check back tomorrow for a chance to win a great Advent package that just might include a copy of Joy to the World!

Video Notes:

0:30 — Take 1: A little more about Kathleen and her ministries.
2:10 — Take 2: Kathleen talks about her Advent book, Joy to the World.
4:18 — Take 3: Not to jump the gun — we are keeping Advent in Advent around here — Kathleen shares more about her Lenten book, Bring Lent to Life.
5:40 — Take 4: Great thoughts about how to support families who have children with special needs.
9:04 — Take 5: Kathleen shares her passion for teaching natural family planning.
11:00 — Outtakes: Kathleen doesn’t disappoint. Good outtakes once again!

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