The 4th Great Antiphon: O Clavis — O Key of David

Christ is the key who can unlock prison cells and lead to freedom

The O Antiphons reflections continue with O Clavis or O Key of David. Read more about the rich history of all seven O Antiphons, a great treasure of the Advent season: The Great Antiphons & the Rich History of O Come, O Come Emmanuel

December 20 Antiphon: O Clavis, O Key of David

O Key of David, O royal Power of Israel, controlling at your will the gate of heaven: Come, break down the prison walls of death for those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death; and lead your captive people into freedom.

The key is the emblem of authority and power. Christ is the Key of the House of David who opens the full meaning of the scriptural prophecies, and reopens the gate of Heaven for all (Image Source: Catholic Culture).

”Without the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, there would be no forgiveness of sins. He truly is the ‘Key of David’ who opens the gates of Heaven for us. Although the light of Christ has entered our world, we are still like the Israelites, to the extent that we are held captive by our sins, and imprisoned by our vices, whether large or small. In Christ alone will we find true liberty, and He gives us this tremendous gift in the sacraments, above all in Reconciliation.” (Reflection written by the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist)

Recommended Scripture Reading:

In the twentieth century, the Estonian composer Arvo Pärt set a German translation of these antiphons for choral use under the title Magnificat Antiphonen. Here is his Antiphonen: No. 4: O Schlüssel Davids. May it provide an opportunity to prayerfully reflect on the graces Christ brings by unlocking our prison cells and leading us to freedom.

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